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Volume 2


Interfacial Kinetics and Mass Transport

Editor:   Ernesto J. Calvo

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From the Contents:
1  Fundamentals  1
1.1  The Current-Potential Relationship  3
 Ernesto J. Calvo 
1.2  Quantum Theory of Electrochemical Electron-Transfer Reactions  31
 Wolfgang Schmickler, Stefan Frank 
1.3  Electronic Tunnel Factors in Molecular Electron Transfer and Molecular Conduction  49
 Abraham Nitzan 
2  Transport Phenomena  79
2.1  Diffusion and Migration  81
 José A. Manzanares, Kyösti Kontturi 
2.2  The Digital Simulation of Voltammetry under Stagnant and Hydrodynamic Conditions  122
 Kerry A. Gooch, Fulian L. Qiu, Adrian C. Fisher 
3  New Experimental Evidences  143
3.1  NMR Spectroscopy in Electrochemistry  147
 YuYe Tong, Eric Old.eld, Andrzej Wieckowski 
3.2  EPR Spectroscopy in Electrochemistry  170
 Jay D. Wadhawan, Richard G. Compton 
3.3  Spectroscopic Applications of STM and AFM in Electrochemistry  221
 Nongjian Tao 
3.4  In situ FTIR as a tool for mechanistic studies. Fundamentals and applications  243
 Francisco C. Nart, Teresa Iwasita 
4  Interfacial Structure and Kinetics  291
4.1  Structure Relationships in Electrochemical Reactions  295
 C. A. Lucas, N. M. Markovíc 
4.2  Theoretical Aspects Associated with Charge-transfer Kinetics across Interfaces between Two Immiscible Electrolyte Solutions  360
 David J. Fermín, Henrik Jensen, Hubert H. Girault 
4.3  The In.uence of Ad-atomAdsorption on Reaction Rates and Mechanisms  391
 Georgios Kokkinidis 
4.4  Electrochemistry in Micelles and Microemulsions  418
 James F. Rusling 
5  Kinetics and Mechanism of Selected Electrochemical Processes  441
5.1  Electrocatalysis  443
 Enrigue Herrero, Juan M. Feliu, Antonio Aldaz 
5.2  CO, Formic Acid, and Methanol Oxidation in Acid Electrolytes - Mechanisms and Electrocatalysis  466
 Wolf Vielstich 
5.3  Electrochemical Nucleation and Growth  512
 Benjamin R. Scharifker, Jorge Mostany 
 Volume Index  541

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