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Volume 5

Polysaccharides I: Polysaccharides from Prokaryotes

Volume editors: Erick J. Vandamme, Sophie De Baets and Alexander Steinbüchel
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Polysaccharides from microorganisms, plants and animals
I.W. Sutherland, Edinburgh, UK

Glycogen synthesis and its regulation in bacteria
J. Preiss, East Lansing, MI, USA

Bacterial cellulose
S. Bielecki, A. Krystynowicz, M. Turkiewicz, H. Kalinowska, Lódz, Poland

Bioemulsans: Surface-active polysaccharide-containing complexes
E. Rosenberg, E.Z. Ron, Ramat Aviv, Israel

Other bacterial glycolipids
J.T. Desai, A.J. Desai, Gujarat, India

I.-Y. Lee, Daejeon, Korea

M. Stredansky, Trieste, Italy

Alginates from bacteria
B.H.A. Rehm, Münster, Germany

J. Courtois, B. Courtois, Amiens, France

Sphingan group of exopolysaccharides
T.J. Pollock, San Diego, CA, USA

K. Born, V. Langendorff, P. Boulenguer, Baupte, France

T.D. Leathers, Peoria, IL, USA

G.L. Côté, Peoria, IL; USA

S.-K. Rhee, K.-B. Song, C.-H. Kim, B.-S. Park, E.-K. Jang, Daejeon, Korea, K.-H. Jang, Suwon, Korea

P. Prehm, Münster, Germany

Exopolysaccharides of lactic acid bacteria
I. Hallemeersch, S. De Baets, E.J. Vandamme, Gent, Belgium

C. Heidrich, Düsseldorf, Germany, W. Vollmer, Tübingen, Germany

Teichoic and teichuronic acids from gram-positive bacteria
V. Lazarevic, H.M. Pooley, C. Mauël, D. Karamata, Lausanne, Switzerland

Polysaccharide-containing cell-wall polymers of archaea
H. König, Mainz, Germany


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