Volumes 3a, b and 4


Polyesters I-III

Volume editors: Yoshiharu Doi and Alexander Steinbüchel
Volumes 3a, b and 4 focus on polyesters synthesized by bacteria and eukaryotic organisms and all aspects of the biosynthesis and metabolism of these biopolymers as well as the production and isolation are described. In addition, various synthetic polyesters and related polymers synthesized by the chemical industry for the manufacture of biodegradable materials are subject of these volumes. Topics included are:  Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) / Non-storage PHAs / Poly(malic acid) / Cutin / Suberin / Polylactides / Polyglycolide / Polyanhydrides / Polyesteramides / Aliphatic organic polyesters and related polymers / Medical and pharmaceutical applications / In vitro synthesis of polyesters / Chemical synthesis / Biotechnological production by fermentation / Isolation from plants / Production in transgenic plants

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