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"The twelve volumes of Biotechnology certainly belong in every biotech oriented library in universities, public and private institutes or in companies with any kind of biotech activity. Its topicality is remarkable and it is extraordinarily broad in scope and at the same time well structured." BioWorld

"Closely packed pages of practical information make it a most useful and handleable encyclopedia." Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology

"This reference set provides systematic, up-to-date coverage in the dynamic and ever-expanding field of biotechnology." Science and Technology Book News


Biotechnology, Set

"Biotechnology, a well-known multivolume treatise, has established itself as a major reference work on all aspects of biotechnology." Biotechnology Advances

Volume 1

Biological Fundamentals

"Alle in den Kapiteln vorgestellten Informationen sind überaus sinnvoll für Forscher, die selbst ein neues Gebiet der Biotechnologie projektieren und nach geeigneten Mikroorganismen suchen. Hilfreich ist dazu, daß jedem Kapitel eine umfangreiche Literatursammlung nachgestellt wird, die weiterführende Informationen ermöglicht. Das vorliegende Buch ist damit für fortgeschrittene Studenten sowie Wissenschaftler aus der industriellen Mikrobiologie, Biochemie, Medizin und Biotechnologie (von Nahrungsmitteln bis Arzneimitteln) bestens geeignet." Arzneimittel-Forschung / Drug Research

Volume 2

Genetic Fundamentals and Genetic Engineering

"This is an excellent book, full of information, of high quality and liberally illustrated with clear figures and tables. It should certainly be considered as a central reference for all young researchers starting a career in biotechnology and must be recommended to relevant libraries." Plant Growth Regulation

"This volume is recommended to every reader interested in modern biotechnology. The review of genetic fundamentals would be useful for the advanced student or the young scientist as a solid and concise review of textbook knowledge from a modern point of view. Nevertheless, the more exciting part of the volume is the review of genetic engeneering methods and results. Every scientist in the field will enjoy the well-written, up-to-date, and knowledgable reviews." Plant Breeding

"This volume is easy to read and offers a comprehensive coverage of the subject. Numerous tables and figures facilitate its rapid consultation." Minerva Biotechnologica

"Owing to the increasingly wide use of the methods of biotechnology, its rapid pace of development, and not least the introduction of legislation to control genetic engineering, there is an urgent need for a readily understandable, applications-oriented, and up-to-date reference source of the subject. Although this volume has occasional shortcomings, it is certainly a very welcome contribution to meeting this need." Angewandte Chemie

Volume 3


"Volume 3, 'Bioprocessing', is an important reference work and is a comprehensive description of the state-of-the-art of bioprocessing, covering traditional and newly introduced processes." Bioseparation

"Various chapters have been authored by the most competent experts in the field from USA, Europe, Canada, Japan, India, Singapore, China and Israel. The book will be useful for microbiologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, bioengineers, chemical engineers and food and pharmaceutical chemists in industry and universities." Chemical Engineering World

Volume 4

Measuring, Modelling, and Control

"All the chapters are precise, comprehensive, and concise. Every sentence was worthy of inclusion." Journal of the American Chemical Society

"The book's coverage is not limited to describing the current state of the art in the various topics which, although not at present familiar to everyone, are certain to become more important in the future,..." Angewandte Chemie I.E.

Volume 5a

Recombinant Proteins, Monoclonal Antibodies, and Therapeutic Genes

"In the field of medicinal biotechnology three major developments have caused a revolution in research that has a lot of innovative effects on clinical medicine and future applications on humans. With the availability of tailored recombinant proteins and the opportunity to produce high amounts of monoclonal antibodies new diagnostic applications have emerged and many therapeutic perspectives are being discussed today. The aim of somatic gene therapy is to re-establish normal cell function by supplying the cells with the respective intact gene. Moreover the book informs about regulatory and economic aspects of these new methods and their applications." Chemie plus

Volume 5b

Genomics and Bioinformatics

"This book is a fine summary of all aspects of the genomic field and has involved a range of international authors. Virtually every chapter contains an array of relevant web pages (...). In conclusion, I would recommend this volume to those wishing to understand the whole process of genomic technology and also as a reference to the massive array of other data sources available on the web." British Toxicology Society Newsletter

Volume 6

Products of Primary Metabolism

"... eine gelungene Übersicht der biotechnologischen Produktion von Primärmetaboliten ... Der Praktiker erlangt mit diesem Werk raschen Zugriff auf Informationen, die er für die tägliche Arbeit benötigt. Die umfangreichen Literaturverweise ermöglichen eine vertiefende Einarbeitung in ein Thema. Durch die Darstellung neuester Verfahren und Entwicklungen und einen Ausblick auf zukünftige Anwendungen wird der Band auf Jahre hinaus praktische Aktualität behalten." Chemie Ingenieur Technik

Volume 7

Products of Secondary Metabolism

"The book is well thought-out and put together, with up-to-date references. The authors come from all over the world and are the leading authorities in their particular subjects. This volume should provide a useful reference work for those already involved in active research in the topics described above, as well as for postgraduate students, who are working on, or looking to start, a doctoral thesis in a subject concerned with biochemistry, microbiology, bioengineering or food, and pharmaceutical chemistry." Plant Growth Regulation

Volume 8a

Biotransformations I

"Es gibt Handbücher, deren Erscheinen von den Forschungslabors der Welt mit Spannung erwartet wird, weil man sich davon Anregungen für die eigenen Arbeiten verspricht. Tatsächlich wird dann mit gehörigem Abstand auch eine signifikante Zunahme der einschlägigen Patentliteratur registriert. Ob der Rehm-Reed auch zu diesen Handbüchern zählt? Man könnte es zumindest beim vorliegenden Band vermuten... Es wäre zu wünschen, daß der vorliegende Band vielen Lebensmittelforschern in die Hände fällt und ihre Fantasie in Bewegung setzt. Der Band ist auf dem hohen Niveau des Gesamtwerks." Zeitschrift für Lebensmitteluntersuchung und -forschung

Volume 9

Enzymes, Biomass, Food and Feed

"As the editors define biotechnology for this volume, it is the application of biological principles for the purpose of converting food stuffs into more palatable, nutritious, or stable foods. This volume admirably serves that purpose." Journal of the American Chemical Society

"This book, dedicated to the late Professor Anthony Rose, certainly provides a comprehensive coverage of the subject area in a series of succinct yet comprehensive chapters which not only serve to introduce the generalist to the topics but also bring together up-to-date information from diverse sources to form a very useful rapid database for the specialist and lecturer. User-friendly indexing ensures ist utility." Society of General Microbiology

"The authors seem to have taken care to use a minimum of field-specific jargon. The chapters are well organized and the material is well referenced. The fact that the authors have tried to put the information in historical perspective makes for a more pleasurable read. The book reads much like a scientific encyclopedia and, hence will likely serve as a well-referenced introduction for those who are curious about this subject matter." Trends in Food Science & Technology

Volume 10

Special Processes

"All volumes of this series are produced to a high quality and this book is no exception. The book is a recommended acquisition for every reference library serving biotechnologists and bioprocess engineers." Biotechnology Advances

Volume 11b

Environmental Processes II

"This excellent excursion into soil remediation concludes with discussing the perspectives and limitations of these processes and by giving an outlook to future developments." Acta Biotechnologica

Volume 12

Legal, Economic, and Ethical Dimensions

"Scientists from academic research and industry as well as from national agencies and supra-national organizations have contributed to this state-of-the-art survey of the conditions for product development, risk perception, legislation and public policy." Food Technology

"...it is a major resource for readers wanting an international perspective on the issues surrounding biotechnology and genetic engeneering. I recommend it to all government departments concerned with the development of biotechnology policy, to parliamentary libraries, to the directors of major biotechnology companies, and to those in the financial and legal sectors of business concerned with servicing the biotechnology industry." Australian Biotechnology Association


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