Atomic Masses Atomic Mass Data

Experimental Atomic Masses:

  1. G. Audi and A.H. Wapstra, Nucl. Phys. A595, 409 (1995). Recommended values; 1995 update to the atomic mass evaluation. Text or PDF
  2. G. Audi and A.H. Wapstra, Nucl. Phys. A565, 1 (1993). Recommended values for mass excesses, binding energies, beta-minus decay energies, proton and neutron separation energies, and alpha-decay energies in keV. Text or PDF

Theoretical Atomic Masses I: Atomic. Data Nucl. Data Tables 39, 185 (1988); edited by P.E. Haustein. Mass excess values in MeV where the Mass excess = [M (in a.m.u.) - A], and 1 a.m.u.(atomic mass unit) = M(12C)/12.

  1. Masses of Proton-Rich Tz<0 Nuclei via the Isobaric Mass Equation, A. Pape and M.S. Anthony. Text, PDF
  2. Mass Predictions Based on alpha-Line Systematics, G. Dussel, E. Caurier, and A.P. Zuker. Text, PDF
  3. Nuclear Masses from a Unified Macroscopic-Microscopic Model, P. Moller and J.R. Nix. Text, PDF
  4. Nuclear Mass Formula with a Finite-Range Droplet Model and a Folded-Yukawa Single-Particle Potential, P. Moller, W.D. Myers, W.J. Swiatecki, and J. Treiner. Text, PDF
  5. Mass Predictions by Modified Ensemble Averaging, E. Comay, I. Kelson, and A. Zidon. Text, PDF
  6. Masses of Atomic Nuclei in the Infinite Nuclear Matter Model, L. Satpathy and R.C. Nayak. Text, PDF
  7. Empirical Mass Formula with Proton-Neutron Interaction, Takahiro Tachibana, Masahiro Uno, Masami Yamada, and So Yamada. Text, PDF
  8. A Modified Bethe-Weizsacker Mass Formula with Deformation and Shell Corrections and a Few Free Parameters, L. Spanier and S.A.E. Johansson. Text, PDF
  9. Mass Predictions from the Garvey-Kelson Mass Relations, J. Janecke and P.J. Masson. Text, PDF
  10. Masses from an Inhomogenious Partial Difference Equation with Higher-Order Isospin Contributions, P.J. Masson and J. Janecke. Text, PDF
  11. Atomic Masses from (Mainly) Experimental Data, A.H. Wapstra, G. Audi, and R. Hoekstra. Text, PDF

Theoretical Atomic Masses II: P. Moller, J.R. Nix, and W.J. Swiatecki, Atomic Data Nucl. Data Tables 59, 185(1995). Mass excess values in MeV where the Mass excess = [M (in a.m.u.) - A], and 1 a.m.u.(atomic mass unit) = M(12C)/12.

  1. Masses from the Finite-Range Droplet Model Text, PDF
  2. Masses from the Finite-Range Liquid-Drop Model Text, PDF
  3. Nuclear Masses and Deformations Text

Theoretical Atomic Masses III: W.D. Myers and W.J. Swiatecki, LBL-36803, Table of Nuclear Masses According to the 1994 Thomas-Fermi Model Text

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