Advanced Micro and Nanosystems

Special Features & Benefits

Special Features

  • Hot reviews from top authors on technologies, devices and advanced systems

  • Expert coverage of current breakthroughs in all important fields

  • Contents range from concepts through applications to commercialization

  • Series provides ideal overview while dedicated volumes offer detailed insights into selected areas


  • Covers one of today's hottest research topics

  • Discusses all important fields of micro- and nanotechnology, such as microelectronics, MEMS, sensors, actuators, micro- and nanostructuring techniques, optical circuitry, biosystems

  • Provides top-of-the-line reviews with ample references to keep track of all relevant original literature

  • Explores sensor systems, microreactors, nanostructures, nanomachines, functional surfaces, integrated optics, displays, communications technology, biochips, human/machine interfaces, prosthetics, miniaturized medical and surgery equipment and much more

  • Provides textbook and source book knowledge: a quick start for newcomers and a comprehensive overview for experienced readers

  • Targets all disciplines - from biology, biochemistry and chemistry through materials science to physics, mathematics and engineering, both in academia as well as industry.

  • Examines applications in important future growth markets, e.g., electronics, IT, bioengineering, environment, energy, and safety.

  • Helps building an interdisciplinary network of specialists.