Features & Benefits

The MAK-Collection for Occupational Health and Safety

About the MAK-Collection

All volumes provide comprehensive and authoritative information for occupational health and safety professionals and researchers. They cover both the toxicological substantiation of threshold values for chemicals at the workplace (MAK and BAT values), plus the suitable monitoring methods. Thus, they are an indispensable tool for maintaining occupational health and safety. MAK values set the standards for legal regulations in many countries around the world, for example, forming the basis for at least 30 % of the threshold limits valid in the European Union and are also frequently referred to in Asia. MAK Value documentations are currently being translated into Chinese.

Special Features

  • Comprehensive and unbiased documentations of toxicological knowledge that substantiates relevant threshold limit values for chemicals at the workplac
  • Detailed, ready-to-use, and validated protocols for monitoring methods
  • Guides to the evaluation of monitoring results both in air and in body fluids
  • Available both in print and online
  • For individual information needs, substance-specific documentations and monitoring methods are available online through Pay-Per-View

Benefits for the Reader

  • Reliable, unbiased and comprehensive information about chemicals at the workplace
  • Access to authoritative threshold limit values of about 1000 substances, many of these substantiated by toxicological documentations, supplemented by detailed, ready-to-use and validated monitoring methods
  • Freedom of choice between print and electronic (or both), between the whole collection and the individual parts, between the series and individual volumes, even single chapters available online via Pay-Per-View
  • Timely information with new volumes and updates provided every 2 - 3 months.