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The Essential MAK Value Documentations document the effects of occupational toxicants on the bronchial passage and inner organs, impact mechanisms, toxicokinetics and metabolism. This includes concrete data on whether a substance is carcinogenic, germ-cell mutagenic, sensitizing, or toxic to the reproductive system and whether it is resorbed by the skin in toxicologically significant amounts. Substantiations for the biological exposure values (BAT Values), exposure equivalents for carcinogenic substances (EKA) as well as the biological values (BLW) are to be found in the Essential BAT Value Documentations. They contain characteristic data on metabolism and toxicokinetics while also describing exposure and the critical toxicity of the substances.

Two further volumes, Essential Air Monitoring Methods and Essential Biomonitoring Methods, present important, validated methods of analysis for monitoring concentrations at the work place. The regulations and protocols for evaluating the air quality and for biomonitoring among humans are also suitable for monitoring the environment. They correspond to modern standards of quality assurance and describe all required steps from sampling to the interpretation of results.

A special selection to start with...

The most important documentations and methods from the entire MAK Collection published in 4 essential volumes.

Indispensable for toxicologists, occupational and industrial physicians -- in fact anyone concerned with health protection and the establishment of safety regulations, the Essentials taken from the MAK Collection for Occupational Health and Safety list the most important MAK and BAT values e.g. for passive smoking, ozone and formaldehyde as well as suitable monitoring methods.