Modern Biopharmaceuticals


Jörg KnäbleinDr. Jörg Knäblein is currently heading the Microbiological Chemistry Department (since 2004) at Bayer Schering Pharma AG in Berlin, after he was working for Schering's biotech subsidiary Berlex Biosciences in San Francisco (2001) and for Hoechst in New Jersey (1995) and in the UK (1990). His strong interest in biotechnology was layed already at a special highschool with focus on LifeSciences and then extended during his military services as an officer for ABC (atomic, biological, chemical) defense. He holds two diploma, one in biotechnology from The Society of Biotechnology Research (GBF) and another in biochemistry from Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry. Here, he also received his PhD in one of the world's most recognized research groups with Professor Robert Huber (Nobel Prize laureate 1988).

After winning the McKinsey Business Plan contest, Dr. Knäblein founded a biotech company together with Professor Huber (today consisting of more than 30 employees), before he took on the opportunity to work for the HighTech consultancy firm for two years - focusing on the LifeScience business of global players. As an interim manager, he also helped establishing the biggest eucalyptus oil plantation in Australia, 'Banalaster Eucalyptusoil Plantation' at Armidale, NSW, where he performed corporate communication, steered public relations as well as developed systems for ecological parasite eradication.

He is author of several books, and book chapters (including the outstanding reference "Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine", selected by ten Nobel Prize laureates!) and numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals, as well as a number of patents. Dr. Knäblein won several awards and honours, including McKinsey Award "Winner of the First Business Plan Contest", the "German Award from Government and Ministry of Science", and two "Scientific Awards" from the European Community and from the Max-Planck-Society.

Due to this distinguished career, and also as chairman and organizer of several international pharmaceutical conferences, he enjoys immense credibility within the LifeScience community and was therefore elected e.g. as "Executive Board Member and Scientific Advisor to the "European Association of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology", (and also as its designated President), and to the "Editorial Board of the European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics", and the "Advisory Board of the Drug Delivery Partnership". In this context, he co-founded the "PharmaManagementNetwork", bringing together business leaders from LifeScience and the entire pharma world in order to discuss current industry trends and generate commercial opportunities.

Dr. Knäblein also founded the consultancy "Global Pharma Specialists" (GPS) and established the powerful biotechnology hub, which represents a global competence network of the most knowledgeable experts from academia and pharmaceutical industry. The portal is like a center of excellence where the world's top scientists and most influential business leaders divulge their first-hand expertise, discuss modern (bio)technology trends, and develop strategies to shape the pharmaceutical future. GPS also serves as an educational network to create a new generation of scientists and entrepreneurs, enabling business development and facilitating start-ups.

He is also editor of the unmatched four-volume biotech book "Modern Biopharmaceuticals - Design, Development and Optimization", with contributions from the worlds top scientists including three Nobel Prize laureates, which is also referred to as the "Guiness book of biotechnology"
"The making of pharmaceutical and diagnostic agents in cells has moved from edge to the center of their respective commercial development. With "Modern Biopharmaceuticals", Jörg presents an outstanding collection of articles from groundbreaking scientists, comprehensively describing the many novel ways cells so are being deployed toward human good."
James D. Watson, Nobel Prize laureate 1962
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY

" impressive compilation of outstanding results written by brilliant, creative thinkers who are shaping present and future biotechnology. I am pleased to recommend strongly this complete and comprehensive basic reference source for this new, exciting field ..."
The Chemical Educator, 3/2006
"This is an extensive and unmatched compilation of comprehensive, in-depth current knowledge and history of biopharmaceuticals…the author is commended for this grand effort."
Veterinary Pathology, May 2006
Because of the success with "Modern Biopharmaceuticals", the publisher Wiley-VCH has now invited Dr. Knäblein to serve as the editor of the twelve volume reference book & treatise "Biotechnology".

As a dynamic international scientist and businessman, Dr. Knäblein served as consultant for global players, among them Baxter, Hoechst and Elan Pharmaceuticals focusing on fast-track product development, time-to-market reduction and implementation of industry best practices (like e.g. GMP/GLP or QA/QC/QM). In addition, he is serving as advisor to international clients and institutions, e.g. the Iranian, Taiwan and Australian governments, where he is helping setting strategic directions for national biotech opportunities.

Dr. Knäblein is a charismatic speaker, who gives lectures and presentations on different biomedical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical conferences, ranging from stem cells & gene therapy, bio- & business-ethics, bioavailability & drug delivery formulations, over expression systems & plant biotechnology to GMP manufacturing & fast-track approval of drugs - "from transcription to prescription". He was therefore also offered a lecturing position as Professor at the famous Charité university and hospital. From Silicon Valley to Bay Area, from Prague to London, and from Australia to Iranian Government, Dr. Knäblein's advice offers cutting edge information and powerful new ideas for creative minds shaping the biotechnological and business landscape of the 21st century.