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Name Source
Classical Fermentation Production of Biopharmaceuticals
dock.mpeg Trypsin cleaves after all basic amino acids - in case of insulin it MUST ONLY cleave after Lysin29 BUT NOT after Arginin22 !!!
(Kindly provided by Jürgen Brickmann, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany)
Chrom_DNA_Protein.mpg Chromosomal DNA in the nucleus is transcribed in mRNA and at the ribosomal machinery eventually translated into protein.
(Kindly provided by The National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institute of Health,
Classical Fermentation Limitations for Biopharmaceuticals
diffusion_new.mpg Free diffusion.
porin_new.mpg facilitated diffusion via permeases or porines.

Cells are very sensitive to shear forces - depending on the shape and rpm of the agitator, the cells can easily be killed.
(Kindly provided by Abdenour Kemoun: LEMTA laboratory in INPL: Institue National Polytechnique of Lorraine Nancy -France)
Target-Specific Approaches Local Delivery (microCHIPS)

Automated filling device (GMP) guarantees precise distribution of the drug in all compartments - release by foil-disintegration.
(Kindly provided by John T. Santini, Jr, President & Chief Scientific Officer, MicroCHIPS, Inc, USA)
Improving Bioavailability Parenteral vs. Oral Administration
oral_animation.ppt Oral administration vs. parenteral drug delivery.
(Kindly provided by DELVIVO Drug Delivery Solutions, Finland,
Videos & Animations
Herceptin.mpg Working mechanism of Herceptin®: how does it work?
(A film kindly provided by Roche)
Cells_at_work_E.mpg Production of Herceptin® developed by Genentech and Roche.
(A film kindly provided by Roche, Invitrogen and DASGIP)
Green_Mouse.ppt GeneSwitch® turns on expression of luciferase in the mouse limb.
(A film kindly provided by Gabor Rubanyi, Berlex)
Movie_2.avi "Artificial heart" derived from human embryonic stem cells.
(A film kindly provided by Lior Gepstein)

Conformational change and mechanism of proteinase activation.
(An animation kindly provided by Rainer Friedrich)
Transt_transfct_CHO.avi Transient transfection and cell divison of mammalian cells.
(Kindly provided by Frederic Grosjean and Florian Wurm)
rotamog3.avi Three-dimensional structure of myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG).
(Kindly provided by Constanze Breithaupt)
rockcutegescut180.avi Stereo view plus animation of the MOG (8-18C5)-Fab complex: MOG residues of the discontinuous epitope are coloured in red.
(Kindly provided by Constanze Breithaupt)
medlyfinal.avi Animation of the MOG (8-18C5)-Fab complex: Forming of the complex by docking of (8-18C5)-Fab onto MOG.
(Kindly provided by Constanze Breithaupt)
beide_trailer.mpg Sense and simplicity: Brilliance CT scanner, 3D Ultrasound
(A film kindly provided by Philips)
Infectious_Diseases.mpg Mechanism of infection, diseased cells, and immune response
(An animation kindly provided by wehi-TV)

HIV infection: mechanism of docking and DNA transfer
(An animation kindly provided by Starpharma)