Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA

Nanotechnology is the key to 21st century technological progress and continued innovation in natural sciences and engineering disciplines. It opens new means of miniaturization for existing products, new materials with new qualities and properties, new engineering and production methods, and deep new insights and understanding of nature and life.

The exciting book series Nanotechnologies for the Life Sciences is a comprehensive source on the topics where materials science and life sciences meet on the nanoscale. Each volume provides a concise overview of the underlying nanotechnologies for the design, creation and characterization of biomedical applications, collating the many articles found in the relevant specialized journals but as yet unseen by those working in other disciplines.

Written by international experts describing the various facets of nanofabrication, the ten volumes of this single source of information cover the complete range of synthetic methods, tools and techniques being developed towards medical, biological and cybernetic applications.


Two series, one homepage...

Available as a 20 volume reference including all volumes from Nanotechnology for the Life Sciences and Nanomaterials for the Life Sciences!

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