Foreword by Chad Mirkin

As the traditional compartmentalization of science and engineering into discrete disciplines dissolves, scientists of all backgrounds find that their work is part of a bigger, much more magnificent picture, unrestricted by doctrine, educational plans or other previous, tangible constraints.

Hence, nanotechnology and the life sciences enjoy a growing synergy of materials, methods, and mechanisms common or beneficial to both, giving rise to new ideas, novel approaches, understanding of phenomena and a fertile exchange of concepts, strategies and goals.

Although this rapidly growing and evolving field is still in a nascent stage, recent successes are fuelling the vision of 'bottom-up' fabrication and assembly processes and man's ability to purposefully control events when nanostructured materials and biological entities encounter each other on the nanoscale.

Some significant functional materials and devices have been realized, especially on the diagnostic front, and an even larger number are waiting to be discovered by pioneering work to come, based upon the foundations laid today.

It is this vision which needs to be transported - between the disciplines, from teachers to pupils, from scientists to policy makers, from experts to the general public, and, especially, from colleague to colleague for fruitful collaboration and success in the search for further pieces of the magnificent puzzle of Everything: Nature, Life, and the Universe. Nanotechnologies for the Life Sciences (NtLS) aims to fulfill this quest for passing on knowledge to the mutual benefit of its authors and readers by stimulating scientific exchange and disseminating vital knowledge to provide insight into the ongoing exploration of the potent opportunities around the corner.

With over 4600 pages in 124 chapters, these ten volumes are the first major effort to cover the whole breadth and width of this highly dynamic and exciting field, and in leading this effort, Challa S. S. R. Kumar and his numerous authors have brought together an exciting, provocative, and informative source of knowledge and stimulation for all those active in this field or wanting to become so.

Chad Mirkin
Evanston, November 2006

Niemeyer, Christof M. / Mirkin, Chad A. (Eds.)

Mirkin, Chad A. / Niemeyer, Christof M. (Eds.)
Nanobiotechnology II