c From: "COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS, 2nd Ed" c by RH Landau, MJ Paez, and CC Bordeianu c Copyright Wiley-VCH, 2007. c Electronic Materials copyright: R Landau, Oregon State Univ, 2007; c MJ Paez, Univ Antioquia, 2007; and CC Bordeianu, Univ Bucharest, 2007. c Support by National Science Foundation c c limit.f: determines the machine precision c Program limit Implicit none Integer I, N Real*8 eps, one c number of iterations N N = 60 c set initial values eps = 1 one = 1 c add eps to one and print result Do 15, I = 1, N eps = eps / 2 one = 1 + eps Write (*, *) I, one, eps 15 Continue Stop 'limit' End