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For over 30 years, The EMBO Journal has published papers describing original research of broad interest in molecular and cell biology - with a particular emphasis on molecular mechanism and physiological relevance. The new, exclusive EMBO poster series presents the highlights of molecular biology research at a glance - a "piece of art" as well as useful knowledge for your laboratory. Thanks to our industry sponsors, you can order your printed poster copy for free!

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POSTER 1: Synaptic vesicle recycling

Synaptic vesicle recycling is one of the best-studied cellular pathways. Many of the proteins involved are known, and their interactions are becoming increasingly clear. However, as for many other pathways, it is still difficult to understand synaptic vesicle recycling as a whole. Prof. Silvio O. Rizzoli presents here an overview of synaptic vesicle recycling, discussing the mechanisms, steps and principles.

Free access to the related review article:
Rizzoli, S. O., Synaptic vesicle recycling: steps and principles.
The EMBO Journal. 10.1002/embj.20138635
POSTER 2: Adult tissue stem cells

Adult organisms have to adapt to survive, and the same is true for their tissues. Rates and types of cell production must be rapidly and reversibly adjusted to meet tissue demands in response to both local and systemic challenges. In this work, Agnieszka Wabik and Philip H. Jones present different functions of stem cells, the cellular mechanisms that underlie them and the signals that bias the fate of stem cells as they switch between roles.

Free access to the related review article:
Wabik, A./Jones, P. H., Switching roles: the functional plasticity of adult tissue stem cells.
The EMBO Journal. 10.1002/embj.201490386

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