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Small-Molecule Inhibitors of the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway as Cancer Therapeutics [Review] Free
Stefan Peukert, Karen Miller-Moslin

Small-Molecule Inhibitors of the ERK Signaling Pathway: Towards Novel Anticancer Therapeutics [Minireview] Free
Jeremy L. Yap, Shilpa Worlikar, Alexander D. MacKerell, Paul Shapiro, Steven Fletcher

G-Quadruplexes: Targets in Anticancer Drug Design [Review] Free
Tian-miao Ou, Yu-jing Lu, Jia-heng Tan, Zhi-shu Huang, Kwok-Yin Wong, Lian-quan Gu

Development of Specific "Drug-Like Property" Rules for Carboxylate-Containing Oral Drug Candidates [Full Paper] Free
Alexander Böcker, Pierre R. Bonneau, Oliver Hucke, Araz Jakalian, Paul J. Edwards

Inhibition of Histone Demethylases by 4-Carboxy-2,2'-Bipyridyl Compounds [Communication] Free
Kai-Hsuan Chang, Oliver N. F. King, Anthony Tumber, Esther C. Y. Woon, Tom D. Heightman, Michael A. McDonough, Christopher J. Schofield, Nathan R. Rose

Identification of Benzopyran-4-one Derivatives (Isoflavones) as Positive Modulators of GABAA Receptors [Communication] Free
Navnath Gavande, Nasiara Karim, Graham A. R. Johnston, Jane R. Hanrahan, Mary Chebib

Chemotherapeutic Evaluation of a Synthetic Tubulysin Analogue–Dendrimer Conjugate in C26 Tumor Bearing Mice [Communication] Free
William C. Floyd, Gopal K. Datta, Shinichi Imamura, Heidi M. Kieler-Ferguson, Katherine Jerger, Andrew W. Patterson, Megan E. Fox, Francis C. Szoka, Jean M. J. Fréchet, Jonathan A. Ellman

Drugs for Hepatitis C: Unlocking a New Mechanism of Action [Highlight] Free
Thomas W. Bell

Prodrug Strategies in Anticancer Chemotherapy [Review] Free
Felix Kratz, Ivonne A. Müller, Claudia Ryppa, André Warnecke

The Emerging Therapeutic Potential of Histone Methyltransferase and Demethylase Inhibitors [Review] Free
Astrid Spannhoff, Alexander-Thomas Hauser, Ralf Heinke, Wolfgang Sippl, Manfred Jung

Revealing Atropisomer Axial Chirality in Drug Discovery [Full Paper] Free
Steven R. LaPlante, Paul J. Edwards, Lee D. Fader, Araz Jakalian, Oliver Hucke

The Legumain Protease-Activated Auristatin Prodrugs Suppress Tumor Growth and Metastasis without Toxicity [Communication] Free
Krishna Mohan Bajjuri , Yuan Liu , Cheng Liu, Subhash C. Sinha

A Combined Ligand- and Structure-Based Virtual Screening Protocol Identifies Submicromolar PPARγ Partial Agonists [Full Paper] Free
Dušica Vidovic, Scott A. Busby, Patrick R. Griffin, Stephan C. Schürer

Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of the First Podophyllotoxin Analogues as Potential Vascular-Disrupting Agents [Full Paper] Free
Raphaël Labruère, Benoît Gautier, Marlène Testud, Johanne Seguin, Christine Lenoir, Stéphanie Desbène-Finck, Philippe Helissey, Christiane Garbay, Guy G. Chabot, Michel Vidal, Sylviane Giorgi-Renault

The 7 TM G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Target Family [Review] Free
Edgar Jacoby, Rochdi Bouhelal, Marc Gerspacher, Klaus Seuwen

Fluorine–Protein Interactions and 19F NMR Isotropic Chemical Shifts: An Empirical Correlation with Implications for Drug Design [Full Paper] Free
Claudio Dalvit, Anna Vulpetti

Synthesis and Bioactivity of Carbohydrate Derivatives of Indigo, Its Isomers and Heteroanalogues [Minireview] Free
Gnuni Karapetyan, Kuheli Chakrabarty, Martin Hein, Peter Langer

Discovery of 4-Benzylamino-Substituted α-Carbolines as a Novel Class of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors [Full Paper] Free
Martin Krug, Kanin Wichapong, German Erlenkamp, Wolfgang Sippl, Christoph Schächtele, Frank Totzke, Andreas Hilgeroth

Lessons Learnt from Assembling Screening Libraries for Drug Discovery for Neglected Diseases [Full Paper] Free
Ruth Brenk, Alessandro Schipani, Daniel James, Agata Krasowski, Ian Hugh Gilbert, Julie Frearson, Paul Graham Wyatt

Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Inhibitors of Trypanosoma brucei Pteridine Reductase 1 [Full Paper] Free
Emmanuelle Briard, David Orain, Christian Beerli, Andreas Billich, Markus Streiff, Marc Bigaud, Yves P. Auberson

BZM055, an Iodinated Radiotracer Candidate for PET and SPECT Imaging of Myelin and FTY720 Brain Distribution [Full Paper] Free
Emmanuelle Briard, David Orain, Christian Beerli, Andreas Billich, Markus Streiff, Marc Bigaud, Yves P. Auberson

New Antimicrobial Hexapeptides: Synthesis, Antimicrobial Activities, Cytotoxicity, and Mechanistic Studies [Full Paper] Free
Rohit K. Sharma, Sandeep Sundriyal, Nishima Wangoo, Werner Tegge, Rahul Jain

Structure–Activity Relationship Refinement and Further Assessment of Indole-3-glyoxylamides as a Lead Series against Prion Disease [Full Paper] Free
Mark J. Thompson, Jennifer C. Louth, Steven Ferrara, Fiona J. Sorrell, Benjamin J. Irving, Edward J. Cochrane, Anthony J. H. M. Meijer, Beining Chen

Allosteric Inhibitor Development Targeting HIV-1 Integrase [Review] Free
Laith Q. Al-Mawsawi, Nouri Neamati

Discovery of Selective Irreversible Inhibitors for Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase [Communication] Free
Zhengying Pan, Heleen Scheerens, Shyr-Jiann Li, Brian E. Schultz, Paul A. Sprengeler, L. Chuck Burrill, Rohan V. Mendonca, Michael D. Sweeney, Keana C. K. Scott, Paul G. Grothaus, Douglas A. Jeffery, Jill M. Spoerke, Lee A. Honigberg, Peter R. Young, Stacie A. Dalrymple, James T. Palmer

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