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Real-time Live-Cell Analysis

Applications in Neuroscience, Immunology, and Tumour Research

Biomedical research on cells has experienced remarkable progress in the last few decades. Especially developments in high-resolution techniques allowed stunning insights into cellular structures. Beyond typical end-point imaging studies, real-time monitoring of living cells enables full temporal and long-term biological measurements.

In this e-book, the use of real-time live-cell analysis in the following fields of research is presented:

Neuronal Health and Apoptosis • Neurite Dynamics • Neuronal Activity Measurements • Applications in Neuroimmunology

Proliferation and Counting • Activation and Differentiation • Immune Cell Killing • Phagocytosis and Cell Clearance • NETosis • Antibody Internalization

Multi-Spheroid, Co-cultured, 3D Tumor Assays
Influence of Stromal Cells on Multi-Spheroid Morphology • Growth and Shrinkage Assay for Pharmacological Analysis • Herceptin-induced ADCC in HER2-Positive Multi-spheroids

Additionally, we provide you with freely accessible research articles covering real-time live-cell imaging in the respective fields - just follow the links at the end of the chapters!


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