Wiley-VCH's and John Wiley and Sons' Scientific, Technical, and Medical Databases are a resource trusted for over 40 years in areas ranging from fundamental research, medicine, metabolism, forensics, toxicology, quality assurance, environmental chemistry, drug development, security, and safety. Our data collections help researchers and practitioners improve human health and welfare globally.

Key Initiatives

Compound Coverage: We've created a free compound look up service, CompoundSearch, to answer the most important consideration in selecting a data collection - compound coverage. Currently it contains all of the recent mass spectral data collections, including the Wiley Registry, NIST, Maurer/Pfleger/Weber, and Designer Drugs.

Toxicology: The 2011 version of the Mass Spectral Library of Drugs, Poisons, Pesticides, Pollutants (commonly referred to as the Maurer/Pfleger/Weber) contains 9000 data sets, among which 1000 data sets have been revised or added. Over 3500 data sets are from metabolites, over 2300 from acetylated, over 1000 from methylated, over 700 from trimethylsilylated, over 400 from trifluoroacetylated, over 200 each from pentafluoropropionylated or heptafluorobutyrylated compounds.

Designer Drugs: Wiley-VCH in collaboration with the author group headed by Dr. Peter Rösner, has been addressing the problem of designer drugs for nearly a decade. MS of Designer Drugs provides a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of the latest designer drugs affecting the world. In between annual releases, Dr. Rosner provides free access to law enforcement on the latest spectra that are being validated for the upcoming year's release. That site is available at Registration for is required. Please note that the access to the author's site is only available to law enforcement personnel at the author's sole discretion.

Natural Compounds: With the emergence of new and ever more resistant infectious disease strains, antimicrobial research is more critical than ever. AntiBase, the Natural Compound Identifier, is a comprehensive database of more than 38,843 natural compounds from micro-organisms and higher fungi. Updated annually, the data in AntiBase have been collected from the primary and secondary literature and then carefully checked and validated. AntiBase includes descriptive data (molecular formula and mass, elemental composition, CAS registry number); physico-chemical data (melting point, optical rotation); spectroscopic data (UV, 13C-NMR, IR and mass spectra); biological data (pharmacological activity, toxicity); information on origin and isolation and a summary of literature sources.

Wiley Online Library Spectral Data Collections - Spectral data has long been available through on-instrument software, but has often been unavailable outside the laboratory. Wiley has made over 1,360,000 spectra available online through Wiley Online Library to any subscriber with a Java-enabled Web browser and an Internet connection. Available data collections include general mass spectrometry, FT-IR, NMR (C-, H- , and X-NMR), as well as the most current editions of the Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data and the NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library.