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Manuscript Type: Viewpoints Revised Version

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Reviewer Instructions

Viewpoints are opinion-based contributions used to give an Author?s own thoughts on important developments in a specific area and the implications for future research. Viewpoints may be controversial, and while the Author should put forward their own point of view, they should not ignore the counter arguments but rather refute them through discussion. Viewpoints should include a short Abstract (600–800 characters) that succinctly describes the context and the point of view being presented. Viewpoints should be not more than 20000 characters, including references, tables, and legends. The conservative use of schemes and figures is recommended. The final paragraph or section of a Viewpoint should summarize the motivation behind the Viewpoint and the core conclusions arising from the discussion put forward.

Referee Recommendation

Referees should give an overall recommendation as to whether a manuscript should be published without, with minor, or with major alterations, or should be rejected.

Please formulate the comments for the authors in a polite form, even when heavy criticism is being delivered.

Minor alterations include:

Major alterations include:

Manuscripts that require major alterations will usually be re-evaluated by the referee(s).

To help us assess the paper we request that you answer the following questions:

1. Please rate the current interest of the topic to chemists

Naturally, the judgment of the importance of a paper is to a certain extent subjective. Please note, we are asking for an evaluation of the importance only with regard to publication in Angewandte Chemie. Thus, a paper can be considered to be very important or highly important for a broad and heterogeneous readership and is thus suitable for publication in Angewandte Chemie or it may be "only" important to a particular area and thus is more suitable for journals catering to a more specific audience.

2. Please rate the length of the manuscript

Viewpoints should have up to 20000 characters.

3. Are further changes/additions required

Please include any comments for the further improvement of the paper in the "Comments to Author" box.

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If you have information that is relevant to the comments and recommendation you have made, this can be sent either as an attachment for the Handling Editor or for the Author. Where the attachment is for the author, please ensure that any formulations or file information will not give away your identity.

Review Form

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1. Please rate the current interest of the topic to chemists [help]

Question 1

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  • Highly important
  • Important, for the wider field of chemistry, but not suitable for Angewandte Chemie
  • Too specialized, should be published in a sister journal
  • Not important, should be submitted elsewhere

2. Please rate the length of the manuscript [help]

Question 2

  • Concise and correct length
  • Too long; contains unnecessary information
  • Too short; requires additional information

3. Are further changes/additions required [help]

Question 3

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  • Yes, see Comments to Author. Please include any comments for the further improvement of the paper in the "Comments to Author" box.

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