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Sustainable Chemistry

The presidents of the chemical societies of France (SFC), Germany (GDCh), Japan (CSJ), the Netherlands (KNCV), the UK (RSC), and the USA (ACS) recently pledged on behalf of about 300,000 members to "work together to promote global sustainable development, demand responsible use of resources, and ensure that the next generation of scientists protects and maintains the well-being of Earth and its inhabitants." They deem this issue an urgent one, and that chemistry is absolutely essential to the development of solutions.

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Corrigendum: Sustainable Gel Electrolyte Containing Pyrazole as Corrosion Inhibitor and Dendrite Suppressor for Aqueous Zn/LiMn2O4 Battery

Tuan K. A. Hoang, The Nam Long Doan, Julie Hyeonjoo Cho, Jane Ying Jun Su, Christine Lee, Changyu Lu, P. Chen
ChemSusChem, July 20, 2017, Read article

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