Brown Seaweed-Derived Alginic Acid: An Efficient and Reusable Catalyst for Pictet-Spengler Reaction to Access Tetrahydro-β-Carboline and Tetrahydroisoquinoline Frameworks

An efficient, recyclable and biocompatible alginic acid catalyst has been identified for the Pictet-Spengler reaction in the construction of tetrahydro-β-carboline and tetrahydroisoquinoline frameworks. The optimized protocol was suitable with various substrates, including −CN, −NO2 and −CF3 substitutions with different electronic characteristics. The method was applied to synthesize natural product (±)-coerulescine and spiro-oxindole framework. Remarkably, the catalyst showed efficient reusability without deteriorating the reaction yields.

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Jay Prakash Soni, Dr. Manda Sathish, Dr. Fabiane M. Nachtigall, Dr. Leonardo S. Santos, Dr. Nagula Shankaraiah

Chiral Assembly and Recognition of Seven Copper (II) Coordination Polymers from Tartaric Acid Derivative Ligands

Seven new copper (II) CPs were obtained through assemblies of a new pair of tartaric acid derivative ligands (R,R)-L and (S,S)-L with different copper metal salts. Among them, 1 a with a chiral helical structure can be used as a chiral circular dichroism probe for detecting configuration and concentration of cysteine and penicillamine via a ligand exchange recognition mechanism.

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Zong-Ying Li, Bin Yuan, Hai-Xian Wang, Tian-Sheng He, Yan-Long Lan, Si-Yu Wang, Prof. Dr. Li-Na Zhu, Prof. Dr. DeMing Kong, Prof. Dr. Xiao-Zeng Li

Synthesis of Novel Glycolipid Mimetics of Heparan Sulfate and Their Application in Colorectal Cancer Treatment in a Mouse Model

Here we report the synthesis of library of single-entity trimer heparan sulfate-based glycolipids with low nanomolar IC50 potency for heparanase inhibition. Simplification of structures when one dendrimer arms is removed and replaced with fatty acids did not cause a substantial decrease in activity in cell-based assays. In vivo studies confirmed that lead compound Tet-29 is strikingly effective in a mouse model of colorectal cancer.

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Sam Spijkers-Shaw, Dr. Katrin Campbell, Dr. Nicholas J. Shields, Prof. John H. Miller, Dr. Phillip M. Rendle, Dr. Wanting Jiao, Prof. Sarah L. Young, Dr. Olga V. Zubkova