Past Cover Pictures 2001

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Inside front cover: Binary and ternary polymer-mediated "bricks and mortar" self-assembly of gold and silica nanoparticles
Rotello and co-workers, page 461

Nov., 2001

AFM 6/01

Cover: Effect of molecular shape on the morphology and electroluminescence of organic glasses
Bazan and co-workers, page 413

AFM 5/01

Cover: High performance polymer LEDs by low temperature lamination
Yang and co-workers, page 339

Sep. 2001

Inside front cover: Transparent metal-like bilayer composite films with highly conducting layers
Rovira and co-workers, page 299

Aug., 2001

AFM 4/01

Cover: Growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes from patterns on thin Si3N4 membranes
Gu and co-workers, page 295

AFM 3/01

Cover: Nanoscience in North Rhine Westphalia
10 contributions from research groups participating in this initiative

Jun. 6, 2001

Apr. 9, 2001

AFM 2/01

Cover: Hollow polyelectrolyte capsules based on diazoresins
Caruso and co-workers, page 123

AFM 1/01

Cover: Nanocluster-containing mesoporous yttria stabilized zirconia for solid oxide fuel cell electrodes
Ozin and co-workers, page 59

Feb. 5, 2001

Inside front cover: Plastic solar cells
Sariciftci and co-workers, page 15

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