54_06/2010Cover Picture: Mol. Nutr. Food Res. 6'2010

Regular issues provide a wide range of research and review articles covering all aspects of Molecular Nutrition & Food Research.

Selected topics of issue 06 are:

Measurement of caffeic and ferulic acid equivalents in plasma after coffee consumption: small intestine and colon are key sites for coffee metabolism

Comparative resistance of food proteins to adult and infant in vitro digestion models

Garlic components inhibit angiotensin II – induced cell cycle progression and migration: involvement of cell cycle inhibitor p27Kip1 and MAPK

Diosgenin attenuates inflammatory changes in the interaction between adipocytes and macrophages

Oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol inhibit MCF-7 breast cancer cell proliferation interfering with ERK1/2 activation

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