/vch/journals/2267/symp2010/index.html">Frontiers of Chemistry: From Molecules to Systems

A celebratory symposium on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of ChemBioChem and ChemPhysChem, European journals of chemical biology and physical chemistry/chemical physics at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris on 21st May 2010.


09h0015 minOpening address
09h1540 minGerhard Ertl
Reactions at Surfaces: From Atoms to Complexity
James T. "Casey" Hynes
09h5530 minMichel Orrit
Nano-optics: A Window on Structure and Dynamics at Molecular Scales
10h2530 minMarc Fontecave
From Enzymes to Nanocatalysts: The Case of Hydrogenases
10h5520 minCoffee / Posters
11h1540 minAlan R. Fersht
Tumour Suppressor p53: From Structure to Drug Discovery
11h5540 minMichael Grätzel
Molecular Photovoltaics and Mesoscopic Solar Cells
12h3580 minLunch / Posters
14h0515 minPresentationChemPubSoc Europe, Wiley-VCH
14h2040 minRoger Y. Tsien
Breeding and Building Molecules for Imaging
Frans C. de Schryver
15h0030 minNicolas Winssinger
Translating Instructions into Function by Self Assembly
15h3030 minLuisa De Cola
Nanomaterials: Properties, Assemblies and Biomedical Applications
16h0020 minCoffee / Posters
16h2005 minPoster Prize
16h2540 minAda Yonath
The Ribosome: The Remnant of an Ancient Translation Apparatus
17h0540 minJean-Marie Lehn
From Supramolecular Chemistry towards Adaptive Chemistry
17h4515 minClosing address