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Records and ChallengesAs part of the new “Records and Challenges” platform of The Chemical Record – describing both world records and future challenges in chemistry – the “Record of Records” offers an archived overview of continually updated world records in chemistry. We welcome any correspondence on archived records, including updates, alternate interpretations, and commentaries, and these may also be considered for publication if they contribute to the scientific discourse.

To register further world records in chemistry for this page, send an e-mail with the following information to a brief description of the record and full literature citation of an accepted or published article in which the record is described (incl. DOI and page numbers if available). Proposals for formal articles detailing the status and development of world records in chemistry for the new “Records and Challenges” section of The Chemical Record are also welcome!

Latest Addition

A distorted pentagonal bipyramidal Ag(I)7 cluster was reported to exhibit the highest phosphorescence quantum yield for a Ag(I) cluster (Φ = 0.76).

See: Unprecedented Efficient Structure Controlled Phosphorescence of Silver(I) Clusters Stabilized by Carba-closo-dodecaboranylethynyl Ligands
Michael Hailmann, Natalia Wolf, Rebecca Renner, Thomas C. Schäfer, Benjamin Hupp, Andreas Steffen, Maik Finze
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2016, 55, 10507.


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